10 Awesome Lacrosse Goalie Drill Videos

Lacrosse coaches at all levels have a duty to make sure that the goalies are receiving the coaching and drilling they need to succeed. It doesn’t require a former All-American goalie to coach a future All-American goalie. All it takes is a commitment to learn the fundamentals of the position, a desire to find lacrosse goalie drills that build responsive muscle memory, and a commitment to give them time to develop.

To help coaches, players, and goalies themselves improve, we have put together a list of 10 awesome lacrosse goalie drill videos. This list covers several simple ball drills to build hand quickness and eye tracking, it also covers more complex drills that require multiple shooters.

On of the biggest keys to success for a goalie is repetition. It will take thousands of shots for goalies to learn their proper movements and responses. Coaches, give your goalies this time and make speciality goalie drills a priority in your practice plan.

Face Away

Drew Adams shares an off-season drill focused on keeping the ball out of the net, reaction speed, and building an athletic goalie.

Irish Guard

Notre Dame coaching staff shares a drill they run with their goalies. The goal is to teach the keepers to hug the pipe as shooters dodge from X and take one on one shots.

Dot Drill

Lax goalie great Brian Dougherty shares the drill he does the most, the dot drill. This drill focuses on top hand, feet, and eyes.

Lead Hand Drill

Friar lacrosse breaks down a solid fundamental drill.

Goalie Pipe Drill

Notre Dame coaches break down their goalie pipe drill which helps goalie stay square to the shooter and maintain their balance between the pipes.

Improve Goalie Balance

Balance is key when reacting to a deflected shot and getting back into the ready position for another shot. This drill will help you build that ability.

“3 in 1” Goalie Drill

Notre Dame coaching staff share their off season drill that builds quickness and hand speed.


Here is another good drill from Brian Dougherty helps train your eyes to pick up on the ball.

Notre Dame Agility Drills

Notre Dame Head Coach, Kevin Corrigan, take you through some agility drills he does with his team to improve their athleticism in the off season.

Preparing for the Shot

Drew Adams breaks down what he does to prepare for the shot.

Drilling is part of the position for both young lax goalies and experienced ones. You’re never “there,” there is always work you can do to improve your game. Keep hitting the field and making yourself better! If you have a favorite drill that I have missed, tell everyone about it in a comment or leave it on the Mind the Crease Facebook page.

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  1. Chris DeStefano says

    I am a sophomore and play goalie. Watching college goalies do splits and flopping all over the place, makes me wonder how important it is for me to be able to do the same thing. I have been working on Flexibility but I’m not sure if I am doing anything to help my game.
    Can you tell me what I need to do to step up my game.

    • says

      Hey Chris, thanks for reaching out! My coach used to tell me that being a lacrosse goalie is more art than science. What that means is you have to find the style that works for you. It is always good to spend time watching what goalies at the college and pro level are doing, but remember to be true to your form. The #1 rule of goal tending is to move toward the ball and make sure your body follows the head of your stick as you’re stepping toward the ball. If you’re looking for a great drill to help you step up your game, start jumping rope. It is simple, you can keep the rope in your bag, but spend 5-10 minutes a day jumping rope. It is a great drill to add to your warmup routine, too. Increases foot speed and agility. Good luck!

    • Makiah says

      Ok you probably won’t listen to me because I’m 12 but I’m the best goalie in the league and travel coaches ask me to help on their teams. Anyways you don’t need to flexible at all ask long as you can react quickly to the ball you’ll be fine.

    • SG says

      The flopping and falling you see from many goalies has to do with a lack of balance or them being over powered by the shots. In a warm up they would not do similar flops nor would someone teach them that. If you watch MAryland’s current goalie you will see a goalie with the best balance in the college game today. Also look at the progression of UVAs goalie from last year. As a freshman he was often overpowered by speed and ended up on his butt often. This year it still happens but less often and he is now one of the best goalies in the country. Simple rule, if you fall down or do a split then something went wrong. That said, dropping to your knees is a more common practice than it was 10 to 20 years ago and that can be effective. I would still rather see goalies bend their knees and keep a straighter back. Takes lots of practice and muscle memory and currently only the real upper eschelon goalies do it.

  2. Becca says

    I am going into 8th grade and wondering if there were any good drills especially working on top shots and on agility and speed. Any Advice or drills would be much appreciated.


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